This is the first ever Revelation Records release and it was also my first ever Revelation (REV) release to put into my collection. Small back-story - Rev was started by Jordan Cooper and Ray Cappo in 1987 in New York. They went on to release the who’s who of the hardcore scene at the time. Over a period of 3 years they had put out over 23 releases, including the first ever Sick of It All release, Judge – Bringing it down LP, Gorilla Biscuits – Start today lp and many more. As this was the first ever release done by Rev, not everything came out perfect. They had to get help from Kevin Seconds who ran Positive Force records and Kane from BYO records. The recording was sent to Kane at BYO records, who also worked in a pressing plant. Kane then mastered the recording and then pressed the record, he certainly pressed the record, but I’m not sure how much work went into mastering the recording!


What Counts as a whole is an absolutely relentless attack on trend-hoppers, greed, and false friends. Their messages are relayed with conviction and sincerity, as portrayed in vocalist Patrick Flynn’s gravelly voice. Although the vocals are relatively unique, Have Heart throw some interesting melodies and time changes into the mix, slightly reminiscent of Youth of Today.


this was the original misfits LAST SHOW ever, at the greystone in detroit. Download my videos for the earliest misfits video, misfits live 1978 ft. Jerry and Glenn


There's no room for interpretation here. This isn't the sound of a hardcore band bending over backwards to appeal to a new audience. These aren't a bunch of guys trying to put in a little something for everyone. There are no games being played and there are no gimmicks being sold. This is Terror doing what they do best; you either get it or you don't.


When someone says Straight Edge Hardcore, the glory days of bands like Minor Threat, and Gorilla Biscuits pop in to my head. However that statement is usually followed by someone talking about the newst metallic "Beat you face in if you don't believe what we do" hardcore band. So when one of my friends was rambling on about this band called Champion, and saying they reminded him of Youth of Today, Judge, and other punk influenced hardcore bands, I decided you check them out. After listening to one of their songs on Bridge Nine's website(The label that released "Promises Kept")I decided to pick this album up.

5 Oktober 2010


Five of Jamaica's biggest singing stars are spotlighted on this bargain three-disc set from Trojan. Those who came up during the ska and rocksteady periods include child star Delroy Wilson, Studio One and Treasure Isle legend Alton Ellis, and onetime Technique Pat Kelly (really the dark horse among all these marquee names). Each of them is given a clutch of songs, many either classic hits (Wilson's "Better Must Come") or just incredible performances (Ellis' cover of the Junior Walker hit "What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)") recorded during the rocksteady and burgeoning reggae years. And from the early reggae and roots era come two international stars in Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown, both represented here by some of their initial hits for producers Alvin Ranglin and Niney Holness. That leaves the great John Holt, who certainly belongs on the same compilation as these fine singers, but sadly never gained the level of fame Isaacs and Brown did. Justice aside, this collection should provide plenty of top-drawer listening for the discerning reggae fan. ~ Stephen Cook

All tracks have been digitally remastered.

Contains 50 tracks.

3cds-Gregory Isaacs/Delroy Wil Son/Pat Kelly/John Holt's

Performers include: Derrick Harriott, Mellow Larks, Lloyd Brevett, Desmond Dekker, Delroy Wilson, Paragons, Ken Boothe, Pioneers, Bob Andy, Carl Dawkins, Willie Francis.


Disc 1
Gregory Isaacs - Loving Pauper
Gregory Isaacs - My Time
Gregory Isaacs - Don't Go
Gregory Isaacs - Coming Home
Gregory Isaacs - Promised Land
Gregory Isaacs - Give A Hand
Gregory Isaacs - Love Is Overdue
Gregory Isaacs - Way Of Life
Gregory Isaacs - Lonely Man
Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator
Alton Ellis - Rascal Man
Alton Ellis - Better Must Come
Alton Ellis - Baby I Need Your Loving
Alton Ellis - Pretty Girl
Alton Ellis - My Baby Is Gone
Alton Ellis - Living In The Footsteps
Alton Ellis - It's A Shame

Disc 2
Alton Ellis - Soul Groover
Alton Ellis - Big Bad Boy
Alton Ellis - You've Made Me So Very Happy
Alton Ellis - Lord Deliver Us
Alton Ellis - Give Me Your Love
Alton Ellis - Truly
Alton Ellis - What Does It Take To Win Your Love
Alton Ellis - I Am Still In Love With You
Pat Kelly - Soulful Love
Pat Kelly - How Long Will It Take
Pat Kelly - Talk About Love
Pat Kelly - The Prophet
Pat Kelly - Lonely Man
Pat Kelly - I Wish It Would Rain
Pat Kelly - He Ain't Heavy
Pat Kelly - Best Time Of My Life

Disc 3
John Holt - After All
John Holt - Keep It Up
John Holt - Let's Get It While It's Hot
John Holt - Stick By Me
John Holt - Ghetto Girl
John Holt - My Satisfaction
John Holt - Up Park Camp
John Holt - You Baby
Dennis Brown - Tracks Of Life
Dennis Brown - Blood Son
Dennis Brown - Moving Away
Dennis Brown - It's Too Late
Dennis Brown - Cassandra
Dennis Brown - Some Like It Hot
Dennis Brown - Westbound Train
Dennis Brown - I Am The Conqueror
Dennis Brown - Musical Heatwave


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